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This first of a kind golf specific fitness program is designed for golfers of all levels. Download the GML App and start improving your golf game today.

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About GML

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Golf's Missing Link is the result of working with thousands of golfers from beginners to touring professionals. By observing and identifying the patterns and consistencies, a series of elements became obvious that every golfer required in order to improve efficiently.

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App Features

Getting Started

Detailed Workouts

Specific guidance is offered to ensure the relevant muscle groups are worked enough, then rested appropriately, to gain optimal results.

Ball Flight Specifics

This test makes the app golf specific to everyone who completes the drill which determine the fitness program best suited to them.

Workout Calendar

This feature allows participants to see exactly what is required of them each day helping them navigate each individual workout.

Golf Drills

The drills at each level have been designed to support and match the new physical improvements as a user works through their program.

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