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GML was founded by brothers who specilise in the two key ingregients targetted by GML, Golf and Fitness. Their combined knowledge makes this app a must have for anyone serious about improving their golf.

Mark Gregson Walters

Golf Instructor

Mark Gregson-Walters is the Director of Instruction at the European Tour Performance Institute in Dubai. This facility at Jumeirah Golf Estates is one of the very best in the world. It is home to the DP World Tour Championship and visited regularly by many of the European Tour players throughout the year. Mark’s early years working alongside Peter Cowen, arguably one of the most successful coach’s in the world, and the late Ramsay McMaster (a leading golf specific physio) has sculptured his present way of coaching. Looking into cross training technical coaching with physical training for players longevity and performance. With over 12 years of cross training GML is the result of identifying simple principals to train for well-being and to support an individual’s aspirations in golf performance up to the very highest level.

Alan Walters

Fitness Instructor

Alan has been involved in the fitness industry for over 13 years. Evolving into a rehabilitation specialist, strength & conditioning coach and nutritionist. He has transferred these skills into golf, a game he has been playing for over 20 years. A scratch player himself, he boasts a long drive of an excess of 330yard carry, and prides himself on quality ball striking. He has worked with Tour Pros on the Mens and ladies European tour, as well as college players, talented amateurs and beginners alike. Regardless of quality he takes great satisfaction in seeing the people he works with improve and be able to progress within the game, whether that be getting better or simply being able to enjoy the game pain free.

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The App

How it Works


Customise your Program

Each user will perform a golf specific test to begin the program which determines their ball flight or the initial direction the ball flies after striking it. Based on the results of this test each user will have a specific program.

The 3 results you can get are:

  • Left
  • Straight
  • Right


Complete the Levels

The app is structured as a series of levels between 1-8. Each time a level is completed, they are asked to take a test to ensure that you have progressed enough to improve to the next level and that you also have the body awareness to go to the next level.


Perform the Golf Drills

The app's 'secret weapon' is that it comes with golf specific drills that match the participant’s improvements in physical ability and body awareness, so that the program has an immediate and direct transference to the golf swing.